ReZistance release


We regret that we could not have been faster, and extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of the zombie epidemic, but after two years of research and intensive work, the project ZomBe - or not to be - finally sees the day.

From now on, it is entirely up to you to protect yourselves, not to be afraid or hide any more, but instead, going out freely with your mind at ease, no longer keeping a low profile with your back against the wall, you can now walk among the undead if it pleases you.

With ZomBe, you will be safe at all times and in all circumstances.

ZomBe, what is it ?

A zombie, before all is a living-dead thirsting for fresh flesh.

Just like safety vests against road accidents, fireproof uniforms, bulletproof vests, protection suits against nuclear radiation or viruses, clothes that protect hockey players on the ice from shocks and burns… ZomBe, is a collection of protective clothing against bites from the living dead.

But since a zombie, figuratively, is also a human being who has lost his individuality in complying with social influences, ZomBe is also a way to stand out from fashion conforming by wearing original clothes, both funny and provocative at the same time.

How does ZomBe wear protect us from zombies ?

No need to hide, run, fight or to get dirty : to get total protection against zombies, the best way is to deceive them in pretending to be one of their own.

Printed with 3D designs (trompe-l'oeil) which give the illusion of being a living dead, ZomBe wear is the most effective preventive remedy known to this day.

Redoubling security, the majority of ZomBe wear are also repellents since they show the images of the living dead worst enemies : Zhunter, Zorat, Zorm, Zombanha, Mozzo and others.

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